Fit Club For WomenTeam Member: Jessica

Personal Trainer

What made you decide to become a personal trainer?

For me it was an evolution. I had been a professional singer and dancer for over 15 years. When I was ready to move on to the next thing, personal training was a natural fit. I love the human form, how it functions and how it moves. I enjoy watching people move and express themselves through their bodies with strength and grace. I am passionate about showing people how to take better care of their bodies, move in healthier ways, prevent injuries and heal their mind, body and spirit.

Where did you grow up and how did you end up in Marin County?

I grew up in Petaluma. My family has been there for generations. When I heard about Fit Club for Women it sounded like the perfect place for me and I jumped at the chance. This is the best fitness environment I have ever worked in!

What fitness certifications have you acquired?

Personal Trainer Certification (Aerobic and Fitness Assoc. of America)
PiIates Mat Certification
Yoga Teacher Certification (Yoga One)
Active Isolated Stretching
CPR/First Aid/AED
Master NLP Practitioner

What do you like most about working at Fit Club For Women?

The community! This is such a warm and caring place for women. The owners, Dave & Mary, are the absolute best. They truly care about everyone, members and trainers alike.

What would we be surprised to know about you?

It is important to me to bring my life experience to my personal training. In addition to knowing how important strength and balance is for older women, I am one of the few trainers you will meet who has actually had a hip replacement. My exercise regimen allowed me to have less pain and a speedy recovery.

I am also keenly aware of how damaging our body shaming culture can be for women. I am one of the few trainers you will meet who actually struggled with bulimia.

I have learned a lot about health, exercise and nutrition over the years. A lot of what I learned I learned the hard way and it feels essential that I share these gifts with as many people as possible.

And finally, I spent 19 years abroad, exploring the world working as a Las Vegas style showgirl and personal trainer!

What do you like to do when you are outside of the studio?

I always love going out into nature; deep forests, big trees, mountains, meadows, waterfalls, lakes, streams, the ocean. I am a huge fan of the arts. I love going to shows, all kinds of shows; art shows, craft shows, dance shows, the theatre. I enjoy going to museums and exhibits, listening and dancing to live music, going to boutique wineries and creating art myself.

How long have you been training and where did you get started?

In my 20's, I was exploring the world as a Las Vegas style show girl dancing professionally in Reno, Los Angeles, Japan, Italy, France and the Bahamas to name a few.

In 1995 I made my move from performing to personal training. I got started at the Gold’s Gym, Nassau, Bahamas. Since then I have earned several certifications and have come to really enjoy and appreciate being a personal trainer.