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Welcome to The Club

Fit Club For Women is an appointment-based health and wellness studio. We specialize in small group personal training, fitness and recovery classes, and nutrition coaching that will help you reach your personal fitness goals. More than that, we are about connecting women - connecting them to their health and well-being, connecting them to each other and the community at Fit Club.

We are a no-judgment zone, a safe environment for women of all fitness levels to come together, support each other, having fun and making new friends, all while working hard and getting healthy in both mind and body.

Four Pillars

Small Group Personal Training

Small Group
Personal Training

Exercise in a small group environment with trainers who ensure safety, knowledge, and a deep understanding of how to match your fitness level.

Our certified trainers guide you through strength training and cardio to build lean muscle and improve cardiovascular health, balance, and flexibility.

Lose fat, gain strength, increase stamina and build confidence.

Nutrition Coaching & Support

Nutrition Coaching
& Support

Healthy eating. Most of us know how to eat right but few do as consistently as we would like. It takes commitment, and with our support you will develop strategies that will help you to your goals and overcome barriers on the way.

Private consultations, nutrition tracking, weekly check ins and group seminars.

Eat clean for 90 days – you’ll be amazed at how you feel.

Goal Tracking & Motivation

Goal Tracking
& Motivation

Our dedicated team helps you set personal health goals, measures your progress and works with you as a partner and coach to hold you accountable.

We will monitor your body composition and track your progress.

Our members find that our appointment-based system helps you with the discipline to ensure you meet your commitment to yourself.


Community & Connections

& Connections

We believe in the power of relationships and connections as a foundation of wellness. One key to our member’s success is the feeling of community that we nurture within our studio.

We host speaker series, group hikes, fitness and wellness challenges, community events and outings, and there is always our Annual Member Celebration.

Join our inclusive community of like-minded women.

Experience Small Group Fitness For Yourself

The Program

We Are Different

Have you been avoiding committing to a consistent fitness routine for years? Or do you have a membership that you rarely use and feel guilty every time you drive by your gym. If so, you are like many of the women who find success at Fit Club For Women.  You need to experience Fit Club to see how we are different!

How it Works

In contrast to other gyms which work on a drop-in basis, we are completely appointment based. When you join as a member, we will set you up with a schedule that works for you. As your schedule changes during the week, you can go online and move your appointments around.


We have a choice of membership packages based on the number of workouts per week (typically 2, 3 or 4 one hour sessions). These memberships have access to both our Small Group Personal Training and our  Specialized Classes (see below).

Small Group Personal Training Sessions

(60 Minutes – 2 to 4 Times Per Week)

Our appointment-based small group circuit training provides personalized training but with the camaraderie of a small group of up to 4 women. Over the month, we will progress through different areas of focus: 1/ Strength, 2/ Endurance, 3/ Stabilization and Balance, 4/Power, Speed and Agility. Each session is comprised of 30 minutes on our training floor, followed by 25 minutes in our cardio area where we focus on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Members have the choice of treadmills, ellipticals or Peloton Bikes.

Specialized Classes (50 Minutes)

Throughout the week we offer a variety of classes in our Annex. Our members use these to provide additional emphasis on additional areas of interest for their wellness regimen.
All classes are 50 minutes - class sizes can range from 4-8 people.

Fit Club For Women - Personal Training: One-on-one

Personal Training: One-on-one

1:1 Personal Training is an option for members who prefer the privacy of a solo session, or have specific physical or fitness needs that would benefit from specialized attention.  Individual training sessions are held in our Annex where we have a broad range of equipment allowing our trainers to tailor workouts specific to your needs and capabilities.   New members who feel they are deconditioned, may opt for 1:1 sessions and then work their way up into Small Group Training.

Fit Club For Women - Core Focus

Core Focus

Our Core Focus class is 50 minutes of dedicated exercises designed to strengthen your core.  Core exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. This leads to better balance and stability, important for you while exercising and in your day to day activities.

Fit Club For Women - Full Body Stretch Class

Full Body Stretch Class

The Stretch class is a 50-minute full body stretch. We begin with a gentle warmup to bring up our core temperature, and then go into a series of static stretching (standing, seated, and mat) and breath work. The class ends with a short meditation.

Fit Club For Women - The MELT Method® (MELT)

The MELT Method® (MELT)

Melt is a self-treatment technique that helps people get out and stay out of chronic pain in just minutes a day. When pain becomes chronic, the body’s natural state of stability and balance declines. When a body isn’t stable, it can’t be efficiently mobile. By learning how to MELT with the aid of a few tools, you can learn to actively partake in decreasing stuck stress daily so it doesn’t accumulate and cause symptoms that sap your vitality and energy. The first time you MELT, you can see and feel a difference – and over time, you can transform how your body looks and feels.

Nutrition: The Path To Clean Eating

At Fit Club For Women we direct you towards a clean eating lifestyle through one-on-one coaching, group nutrition coaching sessions and workshops. Clean eating is not just another diet, it's a way of eating that will change the way you think about food. It will increase your energy levels, improve your sleep and it can even better your immune system.

Fit Club For Women - Our Studio

New Members

For all our new members we meet with you to assess your current nutrition habits and work to encourage a more mindful approach to healthy nutrition.

If you are interested in weight loss, we are there to partner with you and help hold you accountable towards your goal.

Fit Club For Women - Our Studio

Nutrition Program

Our basic nutrition program is included as part of our overall membership.

  • Baseline nutrition assessment
  • Body composition analysis and tracking (Weight, Body Fat %, BMR, Fat Free Mass, Hydration Levels)
  • Approach to Clean Eating (overview)
  • Assistance with Meal Planning and Prep
  • Individual one-on-one meetings and check ins
  • Group nutritional workshops
Fit Club For Women - Our Studio

12-Week Small Group

Healthy Weight for Wellness

For women who are interested in a more formal program we host periodic group nutritional programs in partnership with Marin Health, formally Marin General Hospital. Led by Registered Dietitians from MH, the 12 Week Small Group Healthy Weight for Wellness Program is a combination of group meetings and private sessions.

You’ll learn how to set realistic goals, become more aware of your eating and exercise habits, listen to your body’s natural signs for hunger and satiety, and better manage various eating triggers.

Free Private Fitness Assessment and Trial Sessions

Results Start When You Do

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