Fit Club For WomenTeam Member: Rain

Personal Trainer

What made you decide to become a personal trainer?

I believe movement and nutrition are key to preventative health. For a long while I wanted to work in health care but quickly found our health care system does very little in the way of preventing illness, injury, and general functional decline. Training provides me the opportunity to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle before, during, and/or post ailment in hopes of avoiding future health related mishaps.

What do you like to do when you are outside of the studio?

I'm am an adventure junkie! I love to hike, bike, backpack, rock climb, surf, and though I stink at it, I really like to ski! If I'm not working or working out, chances are I'm outside accumulating scrapes, bruises, and killer memories!

What do you like most about working at Fit Club For Women?

The people! The sense of community here is unlike any other facility I have ever worked for.

Where did you grow up and how did you end up in Marin County?

I was born and raised in Berkeley, CA and at age eighteen I moved to Seattle, WA. There I studied Biology and worked in a handful of health care related disciplines. After enough time in the rainy gloomy city I decided to move back to California, and specifically Marin, to be nearer to family and sunshine.

How long have you been training and where did you get started?

I have been training as a NASM-CPT for nearly four years now. I started training while I living in Washington as a student athlete. I was a full time student, full time athlete, working two jobs, but simply loved to be in the gym. So, more as a means to an end, I began training to make my days more manageable - who knew it would become my passion?

What fitness certifications have you acquired?

National Academy of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT). I am also AED and CPR certified.

What is your greatest physical fitness achievement?

I was a gymnast for sixteen years, concluding my athletic career competing for Seattle Pacific University. I am a four time All-American athlete and four time Scholar Athlete.